The 12 Weight Workshop
The only 2 hour virtual workshop teaching you to machine embroider with 12 weight thread free from thread breaks, broken machines and frustration. 

Want to learn to use 12 weight thread to add stunning texture to your machine embroidered projects?

Are you excited at the prospect of creating a hand stitched look with your machine?

Wanna be the only person you know with this highly specialized skill? 

Oh, baby!
Do I have the perfect virtual workshop for you.
Sunday January 30th at 3pm EST

Busy on that date? Enjoy a free live replay for everyone who signs up. 

In this two hour virtual workshop I will teach you to create stunning machine embroidery using 12 weight thread with ease.

No one, virtually or otherwise, is teaching content like this. 

I am so excited to bring you all the knowledge I have accumulated in my three years of experimenting with 12 weight thread.

Some of the topics we will cover are: 

  • Choosing a Design
  • Bobbin Thread
  • Needle Size and Type
  • Compatible Stabilizers 
  • Material Selection
  • Machine Tips
  • Modifying Tension
  • And More...

With your live workshop ticket you get:

  • A seat in the live workshop
  • 2 hours of content, teaching you to execute perfect embroidery with 12 wt thread
  • Live Q+A to ask your questions
  • Lifetime access to a replay of the workshop so you can watch as many times as you like, whenever you like, forever.

Hi! I'm Kate, the owner/operator of Tough Kitten Crafts.

I empower sewists to move from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery via online education. 

Using my machine embroidery expertise, I have helped hundreds of people around the world become more confident with their embroidery machines and expand their machine embroidery knowledge.

But the coolest part about my job? 

I get to help people be excited about machine embroidery.   

And the coolest part about this workshop? 

No one else is teaching it. 
 No. Seriously. 

 This content can't be found anywhere else. 

 The tiny bit of information available on the internet about machine embroidery with 12 weight thread is: 
 A. not robust enough to take the frustration out of learning this new technique 
 B. wrong or (more politely) incomplete. I know, because I tried to follow the available content to try out this technique and, man, do I have the disappointing and frustrating projects to prove it. 

 So I started to play around myself. 
 I didn't want to teach and talk about 12 weight thread unless I could make it as easy as working with 40 or 50 weight. It definitely wasn't easy at first and took much trial and error. 

 Through of all the continued experimentation, the content of this workshop was discovered. 

 Which is a long winded way to go back to the original point: 
 This workshop is the only one of its kind
 This workshop is the only way to learn this content. And I'm sooo flipping excited to have you come learn with me!

Master the hand-embroidered look with this info-packed workshop.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do I need for this workshop?
    A pen and paper! This is a lecture style workshop so I just need you to show up ready to take notes and ask lots of questions.
  • I can't attend live, will you have this workshop again?
    While I currently have no plans to host this workshop again, I might again in the future. I'm not sure, honestly.

    The best plan if you can't show up live is to join the workshop and watch the replay.

    If you really want to attend live then let me know you'll be waiting for another live workshop and hop on the email list to make sure you don't miss out next time.
  • What if I don't have an embroidery machine?
    While you don't have to have an embroidery machine to sign up, the content is exclusive to embroidery machines and will therefore be more useful to you if you have one.

    You can sign up now in anticipation of a purchase, if you'd like, but I would highly recommend waiting until you have a machine.
  • Is this workshop for beginners?
    We will not be stitching in this workshop but the content is absolutely beginner friendly.
    Sign up now so when you are ready to tackle more intermediate techniques, you will be ready.
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