It's time to stop avoiding and fearing your embroidery machine!
Inside my virtual class, Foundations of Machine Embroidery, you'll get everything you need to start feeling fearless with machine embroidery in just four weeks.

(Even if you have never embroidered once before in your life. Seriously.) 

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

You are scared to try new projects with your embroidery machine Shoot, you might even be scared to try any project with your machine! 

You are feeling like you made a purchasing mistake by getting an embroidery machine 

You’d love to learn machine embroidery but you have no idea where to start 

You feel like maybe you’re in over your head with embroidery; there is too much to learn! 

You aren’t even sure you like embroidery enough to put all this effort into learning it. 

You’re desperately trying to learn machine embroidery but there’s just not enough help on the internet or in your local store. 

 You are fed up with reading through blog posts, watching YouTube videos and taking random embroidery classes…You just want to freaking learn machine embroidery already. 

I've got some very good news. 
I help my students with those same problems every single day! 
And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same issues.

Issues like...

Getting too in your head about learning machine embroidery, freezing your progress in place

Being afraid to practice and play with machine embroidery  

Thinking project based classes are the best way to help you learn machine embroidery 

Thinking it's better to just sell the machine than learn how to use it.

Deciding machine embroidery is too complicated to learn

Feeling shame over purchasing this machine because you're too scared to use it

Okay, but imagine for a second...

  • If there was was only one class you had to take to understand machine embroidery 
  • You never felt intimidated by your embroidery machine again. 
  • You could perfectly execute any machine embroidery project you could dream up 
  • You had a machine embroidery coach to cheer you along and help you every step of the way
  • You felt secure enough to finally fall in love with machine embroidery 
  • You actually felt excited to use your embroidery machine
  • You felt fearless with machine embroidery 

This is all possible with Foundations of Machine Embroidery.

Dee A. 
Foundations Graduate

I absolutely would recommend Foundations of Machine Embroidery!   You come away with several completed projects and a feeling of accomplishment that you really CAN embroider. 

Debbi D. 
Foundations Graduate

Before this class I had no clue about machine embroidery, but after it? I felt like I could tackle embroidery on anything!

The complete A-Z course for sewists who are ready to transform from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery! 

Hi! I'm Kate! I'm Kate! I love animals (especially my cat and 2 dogs), I am a major movie nerd and I love playing video games on my Nintendo Switch. I was a hairstylist and makeup artist before falling in love with sewing on a trip to Australia. I took a job at a quilt shop, became their long arm quilter and I quickly fell in love with all things sewing and quilting. 

Then discovered machine embroidery...

But dang it was hard to learn. Why was it so impossible to find comprehensive, easy to understand embroidery classes?
How were there so many resources for garment sewists and quilters but the machine embroidery education was so...sparse?

As I traveled the country teaching classes for BERNINA of America, I would hear my story repeated back to me over and over again from my frustrated students. 

“Your embroidery is so awesome! I wish I could learn it but it always goes wrong. I’m thinking I will trade in my machine and get rid of the embroidery” 

 This is when I realized that the difficulty I had learning machine embroidery and getting started was a universal experience. 

This was when I knew I had to start teaching machine embroidery and make the education around this fun hobby accessible to everyone!

This is why I created Foundations of Machine Embroidery!

Fun, straight forward and comprehensive embroidery education
that you can watch anytime, anywhere, forever.

This was the first embroidery machine I had ever owned but Foundations of Machine Embroidery is perfect for a beginner. It gave me confidence to continue on my own.

Gene W.
Guided Study Student

Join Foundations of Machine Embroidery today and get...
Self Study (Over $600 Value)      Just $197 or $35 per month

Machine Embroidery Basics course (a break down of tension, tools, designs, machines, and more!) $199 Value

Six project-based embroidery classes- $282 value

Enrollment in my virtual class Super Hooper- $47 value

Zoom Welcome Party- $50 Value

One Zoom Q&A session- $99 Value

Guided Study (Over $2,000 Value)      Just $300 or $52 per month

Machine Embroidery Basics course (a break down of tension, tools, designs, machines, and more!) $199 Value 

 Six project-based embroidery classes- $282 value 

 Enrollment in my virtual class Super Hooper- $47 value 

 Zoom Welcome Party- $50 Value 

 Unlimited Zoom Q&A sessions (Held 1-2 times monthly)- $1,200 Value 

 Exclusive Guided Study Students Only Facebook Group- $300 Value

Need help with tuition? Check out our new 6 payment plan! 

So, who the heck is this class right for? 
Let's take a look 
Nothin' but Newbie

You're an total embroidery newbie!
You got a machine with machine embroidery capabilities and you're ready to learn to use it! Sure, you have no idea what stabilizer does or what "Floating" means or how to hoop anything but you're ready to learn! 

An absolute beginner, Foundations of Machine Embroidery is perfect for you!

Newbie? Maybe. Timid? Ohhhhh yeah.
You've had your machine a while, you love to sew on it, but you've gotten in your head about the process. You either tried to stitch something and it went badly or you're too afraid to even try something out. You love using your machine to sew, quilt or make clothes but machine embroidery? Eek. You're gonna need some hand holding for that!

Too Timid to Try

Kinda Confident

You're the type who tell me in class 

"Well, I mean...I'm kinda confident?"
You've stitched some stuff and it's turned out okay but you've hit your limit on the knowledge you've piecemealed together yourself. You've done and incredible job so far but patchworking the information together and teaching yourself isn't working anymore. Ya need some help to get to the next level of machine embroidery fearlessness.

Basically, this class is for you if...

You are excited to complete that project you’ve been planning since the day you bought your embroidery machine. 

You want to stop feeling intimidated by your embroidery machine.

You love the idea of truly understanding machine embroidery 

The idea of being fearless with machine embroidery excites you

On the flip side, this class isn't for you if...

You already feel completely fearless with machine embroidery 

You prefer to crowdsource free groups rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts. 

Your embroidery projects always turn out perfect (or almost always) 

You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment. 

You don’t care to know the why or how of how machine embroidery works. 

You already know everything there is to know about machine embroidery.

You don't like fun, easy going learning environments

Upon checking out my Instagram and seeing that I'm not afraid to stand up for social justice issues, talk politics and get very personal, you feel like you should write me a long letter to berate me and defend your questionable morals (Save your time, I don't read em, I've got an embroidery community to focus on)

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I learn using ______ machine?
    Yes! All embroidery machine brands are welcome in this course. Some information may differ from machine to machine but I will do my best to highlight that for you.

    Note: I don't teach you about your machine in this class, you need to know how to use it before taking this class.
  • What size hoop do I need?
    I will be teaching on 5x7" hoops and 6x10" hoops, but you can use any size hoop for the classes as you will be choosing your own designs.
  • How long do I have to watch the class?
    Forever! This class is lifetime access class meaning you will have this baby to watch over and over again forever and ever. You can watch it from any device, as many times as you like, any time of day!
    Isn't that great?!
  • I decided I don't want the course, can I get a refund?
    I'm sorry but due to the digital nature of the course there are zero refunds for any reason. If you're unsure about joining you can email me with questions or wait for the next enrollment period to see if you feel more "HECK YES!" then.

    Should you stop payment on a payment plan, access to the course will be revoked until payment resumes.

    If you aren't loving your FOME course, feel free to email me and I will do everything I can to remedy your issues.
  • How will I access the videos?
    I use a platform called Member Vault where you will be able to access all your course content in one spot.
    You will get log in information sent to you inbox, be sure to save/favorite/star this email so you don't lose it.
  • What if I don’t have a facebook?
    That's okay! You won't be able to take advantage of the FOME Facebook Group but you will be able to still enjoy everything else about the course!
    You can still always ask your course questions via email at
  • Do I have to have an embroidery machine?
    Yes! You cannot use a "regular" sewing machine or hand embroidery for this course. Please be sure your machine has embroidery capabilities before joining.
  • What if I am a 100% newbie and have never even used my machine?
    You will need to know how to use your machine like turning it on, accessing embroidery designs, starting up the machine.
    As long as you know how to do those things then I can teach you the rest!

    If you're in a BERNINA my class B.E. Genius can help you learn your machine.
  • I truly cannot join now…will you offer this class again?
    Yes! If you cannot swing the tuition right now, don't worry, doors will open again one day soon.
    Please keep in mind there is no guarantee of when the course will open again or that the price won't increase.
  • I can’t decide between Guided Study and Self Study…what should I do?
    Can you swing the money? Go for Guided! People LOVE that class so much, it's absolutely worth it for the community and extra support.

    Regardless you are going to get an amazing class full of great information. You can't go wrong!

    Having said that I want you to remember there are no refunds for your course BUT you will have the chance to upgrade, should you wish you had more help.
  • Will I get instant access to the class?
    Yes! Well, Kinda... You will get instant access to the course but class won't start for until two weeks after you join, to ensure you have time to collect your supplies and schedule time to start your class. From there, the content is "dripped" content meaning the classes will come out weekly so you can build upon your knowledge.

    Once the content drips you will have forever access to the course and it's materials.
  • When are the zoom calls? How many do I get to attend?
    The Zoom Q+A calls are held 1-2 times per month (roughly every other week) though they are subject to get rescheduled or skipped due to holidays, vacations etc. Currently the zoom calls swap between 11am and 8pm eastern to ensure as many of our international guests can attend as possible. As a guided study student you will be eligible to attend an unlimited number of zoom calls.

    At present, these zoom calls are scheduled indefinitely. Should I go to end these Zoom calls, I would give any new students 2 months notice so they had a chance to attend 4 sessions before they came to a close.

In just a couple weeks I have gone from zero embroidery skills to "OMG I made a t-shirt!" 

Carol G.   
Foundations Graduate 

If you've read this far, ya' got two options...

1. Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure machine embroidery out on your own... 

2. Use a proven system for learning machine embroidery so you can finally start working on all those ingenious embroidery projects you have envisioned for yourself! ready? 

It’s your time to cease the fretting, nix the frustration and say farewell to the failures. ⁣ Your embroidery is ready for a big level up and this course is exactly what you need to transform your knowledge of machine embroidery. 

Sign up below if you want your embroidery to be fun, easy and beautiful.

(Don't forget! Enrollment closes very soon, so sign up now!) 

This class gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get started with machine embroidery! 

Helen S.
Guided Study Customer

Please understand there are no refunds under any circumstances for this course.

 If you have any questions before purchasing,  please feel free to email Kate at

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There are only a limited number of kits so grab one while you can! 

I'm sorry but we are currently only shipping within the US. Canadian customers can email for more information.

Note: You will still need some additional supplies like needles, etc.  There is a supply list inside the course.

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"My embroidery skills are much improved! I was a self taught advanced beginner and after this class I am definitely more confident and definitely an intermediate/expert embroiderer!" 

Nancy W. 
Self Study Student